ABout Us

22 years of doing what it takes to connect our clients.

More than ever, businesses use video to connect with colleagues and customers from around the world. Videoconference Solutions Inc. (VSI) is here to recommend the best solution, based on your exact needs.

We've been helping our clients navigate this fast-moving area of technology for over 22 years.

Remote meeting software and hardware has evolved exponentially in that time, and VSI has been a leader in not only keeping up with these changes, but also pushing forward with new technologies.

Starting out as a hardware reseller, through rapid growth, we soon expanded our services to include public videoconference room rentals, equipment rentals, onsite event support, video bridging, and were the pioneers of the “hybrid” event, before “hybrid” was even a buzz word.

We’ve learned over the years, that the best way to help our clients leverage our expertise, is to match it with a first-class customer service experience. Our communications with you are simple and efficient, but rooted in real-world understanding of your business and its stakeholders. What’s important to you, is what’s important to us, both from a technological standpoint, but also a financial standpoint.

We know that achieving our clients’ goals requires retaining some of the best staff in the industry, and naturally we do that too.

Please contact us and see for yourself the difference that VSI can make to your business.